This is Why You Should Bet on eSports Instead of Football

Sports betting is something that has been around for decades, but now there are other events that you can bet on apart from traditional sports. One area that is booming and popular for gamblers is eSports betting and more and more sportsbooks are starting to add odds and markets for it on their websites. Below we are going to give you some good reasons why it is better to bet on eSports than it is to bet on football.

eSport Fans Can Have More Knowledge Than Bookies

Bookies are wary of new events to bet on, especially such events where they might not have specialist knowledge like they do with traditional sports such as football. Bookmakers have years’ worth of experience when it comes to offering odds for traditional sporting markets and there is nothing that they do not know when it comes down to different types of sports bets. However, betting on eSports is not the same as betting on a sport such as football. The eSport world is always changing and there are many bookies that offer markets but do not know an awful lot about it. Therefore, if you know your eSports, you can use your knowledge to find some profitable bets. In other words, your knowledge will help you find value bets.

eSports Gambling is Expanding and Has More Potential Than Betting on Football

Think of something that you would like to bet on in football and we guarantee that there is already a market for it at the majority of bookies that you will come across. This means that football gamblers will never really have anything new to bet on anytime soon. However, this is the complete opposite when it comes to eSports as new markets are popping up all of the time. Furthermore, new eSport leagues and competitions are being created all of the time, meaning that there is always something new and exciting to bet on.

eSports is Not as Predictable as Football

You will see the underdog win occasionally in football, but this is happening less and less. The gap between the big clubs and the small clubs is getting wider and wider, meaning that the odds provided for the matches are often pretty poor. This is not the case with eSports as matches are more evenly contested, and you can get some big surprises. For instance, Albus Nox Luna beating the Rox Tigers in 2016 to win the League of Legends World Championship was something that nobody could predict. When surprise wins happen more often, betting becomes more exciting.


Technology Will Not Ruin Your Bet

VAR has become one of the most annoying things for football fans as we have seen plenty of examples where VAR has overruled a decision quite controversially so. When VAR does this, it has the ability to cost a lot of football gamblers some winnings. For instance, if VAR overturns a goal by someone that you backed to score then you are no longer a winner. Okay, they might still go on to score, but if they do not then you have missed out thanks to VAR. There is no equivalent to VAR in eSports, so once something that you predicted comes true there is no chance that it is going to be taken away.

Officials Cannot Influence Your Bet in eSports Like in Football

eSports do not have human officials in the same way that football has. Whenever there is a human element to important decisions in a sport, there is always a chance of an error occurring. How many times have you lost a bet on football because the referee made a decision that was highly controversial? This is frustrating, but it does not exist in eSports as you will not find a human element in the game, other than those who are playing, of course.